Recycled Butterfly

This amazing piece of artwork has been crafted purely out of recycled materials found around the artists home. It is hard to tell just how large the piece is, but the handle antennas suggest that this butterfly is quite a lot bigger than could be perceived at a first glance. It is wonderful to see how pieces of scrap can be turned into something so creative and beautiful.

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Clockwork FairyThis tiny little fairy has been cleverly crafted out of small pieces of scrap metal, likely from watches and other such small objects. As with the clockwork heart, this little creation would take very delicate hands and likely a lot of patience, but if you have those two attributes, or are very persistent :P you could make one of your own, or maybe something similar!

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Recycled Mirror Art

By recycling old pieces of mirror, and using some clever gardening skills, this artist has created an awesome exterior display piece. This sleeping giant is part mirror pieces, part grass and dirt, and even has shrub grass as hair! If you have some spare time, have a backyard or front yard to liven up, and feel like getting creative, maybe you can give something like this a try! The mirror pieces don’t even have to be a specific shaped, any broken mirror would do! It looks great, and recycles rubbish. Definitely worth a try.

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Clockwork Heart NecklaceThis gorgeous mechanical heart shaped necklace would take the steadiest of hands to create, but if you are willing to put in the hard, delicate work, and get creative, you could have jewelry similar or the same as this without having to buy it from a shop! You may need to dismantle some old watches to get the right pieces for it though. You never know, you might find that creating this kind of fine art is a good hobby to spend some of your spare time on!

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Repurposed Mason Jar Wall Chandelir

This invention is made to sit on the wall, and requires only one repurposed mason jar, some old wood, a cable with a light globe attached and obviously some screws to hold it all together. The  repurposed jar, wall chandelier, is a great way to add a nice rustic feel to any room, and puts unwanted ‘junk’ items to good use. Where would this look best in your home?

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Fork GrasshoppersI’ve seen quite a few different inventions developed from cutlery lately, and I love them all, but these fork grasshoppers are by far the most unique! Great for decorating your coffee table, desk or mantelpiece, these clever little creatures are just one of many ideas you could come up with when making your own cutlery creation. Give it a try, think outside the box! Or rather, think inside the cutlery draw…

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Light Globe Terrariums

Got some old burned out light globes you need to get rid of? With a bit of care and precision, little terrarium’s such as these can be made, adding a small, desk friendly nature space to your boring old office or mantelpiece. Other glass containers such as jars can also be used if you don’t have any light globes like this floating around. Think not of the irritation and frustration of a blown globe, but rather, see it as a chance to be creative.

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Pipe LampAn interesting piece of knotted wood and some recycled metal piping, can be used to create a unique, rustic styled desk lamp for your home or workplace. This is another great, eco-friendly invention using recyclable materials and a bit of good old fashioned ingenuity.

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By re purposing some jars and some old wooden blocks, a unique, rustic styled chandelier can be created. Change your old ‘junk’ from being useless to useful with simple but fantastic inventions like this!

Repurposed Chandelier

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Repurposed Wooden Crates

Recycled wooden crates make for a great centre piece or coffee table in an area such as a living room. All you need to do is get four wooden crates and attach them together in a way similar to or the same as shown in the photo, and add a fitting object in the centre to add the finishing touch! Not only does it look good, it has very handy shelves/compartments underneath, on all four sides, that you can store many things in, such as magazines or books.

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